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Golf doesn’t like noise, but …

23 June 2017

Last weekend in Sand Valley belonged not only to golfers but also to automotive fans. On Saturday, about 110 tuning cars arrived on the golf course, on Sunday – retro cars and WRC cars, which were checked by Szymon Ruta, one of the famous Polish rally drivers, participant in the Dakar Rally in 2013.

This is the second edition of the event, which co-founder is Antti Pohjonen, chairman of the board of Sand Valley, who can talk endlessly about his two biggest passions: golf and cars.

– In Poland very small amount of the people in regards to the population plays golf. As an example, in Finland, when you fill a bus with 50 people, one of them plays golf. In Poland you would have to fill the National Stadium and then you will find one person that plays golf. There are only 4000 golfers in Poland. I want to change that – says Antti Pohjonen. “And that’s such a cool sport,” he assured. First of all, physical activity in the open air, because one round of golf is 11 km. But you must also use the head – the reserve. – Golf is also a social sport. You can have a full round, which is about 5 hours spent with your wife, with children, with a colleague. And you’re turning off Facebook, from what’s in your life too fast. And it’s not just sports for the rich – assures Antti Pohjonen, and adds: “My second love is cars, so the idea was Golf & Cars. The first day was a golf tournament with 72 participants. At the same time – continues – we were doing a tuning event. About 110 cars arrived. It’s the excitement for young people.

Both on Saturday and Sunday, we could use test drives with the latest Audi models, thanks to Audi Rowiński-Wajdemajer, and the cleanliness of cars was taken care of by GoClean” target=”_blank”>GoClean

Stroke Play Gross Best Man
Mikołaj Wojnowski 75

Stroke Play Gross Best Lady
Liliana Tysiąc

Stableford net 0-18 HCP
1. Piotr Gwoźdźiński 40
2. Jung Wonsuk 39
3. Anders Olsen 37

Stableford net 18.1-36 HCP
1. Boris Saharov 42
2. Adam Górko 41
3. Dariusz Kuczyński 36

Sunday – it was time for the presentation of classic cars – about 60 classic cars arrived. First and foremost, it was the time of emotion that has been provided by Szymon Ruta, the rally driver and his WRC car. The lucky ones could watch the tour from the pilot’s seat. There was adrenaline, sand dents, sharp bends. “This is what big boys love the most – a statement that fully summarizes the weekend at the golf course at Pasłęk.

Another edition 16 June 2018. Save the date!

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