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Construction of the Pelican Apartments has started

23 October 2020

The season starts to come to its end and we are already looking towards the next season. We are proud to announce that the construction of the Pelican Apartments has started this week! All of the units have been sold to the investors and they will be ready to rent from July 2021! Now a few words from our CEO @Antti Pohjonen on how this development came to be and why it is called the “Pelican”.

Sand Valley is full of luxurious Villas with private pools, saunas and everything that you can wish for from your holiday home. That being said, for some time it has been obvious that we were unable to cater to the needs of couples and smaller groups as our Villas were simply too big for them. Something needed to be done and I knew it had to be something that fits nicely to the existing Villas.

The real spark for this development came from my business trip in February 2019. I was lucky enough to be hosted by The Resort at Pelican Hills in Newport Beach, CA. There I finally saw something that would perfectly fit to our needs – a flexible real estate concept where you can connect 1 & 2 bedroom units and therefore rent your units out to 2, 4 or 6 people – that was exactly something that Sand Valley needed! When I came back, I started to design these units keeping in mind our clients needs and here we are. I know that together with the joint Pool & Beach Club this complex will be simply epic!”

When it comes to naming this project I simply followed my instinct. I thought it would be suitable to name these units according to the place where I had the idea, after all our Resort dog is called GIN and there’s a reason for that name too 😉

Breaking the ground Sand Valley 21.10.20

Here are a few renderings on how the new units will look like once they are finished. Let’s see all of you fantastic people next year and in the meantime – let’s stay healthy and soldier through this Covid filled winter in the comfort of our own homes!

Sand Valley TEAM
ps. Summary of this season is coming soon!

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