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Amazing weekend @ GOEXPO 2019 Helsinki

21 March 2019

Last week our Three Musketeers – Antti, Paul and Marek went to visit our dear friends in Finland during GoExpo 2019. The reception was overwhelmingly positive and we got to meet old friends, people who had already booked their trip for this season and most importantly new friends – many of them who already booked their trip for this season.

There was a competition on our stand and we would like to congratulate Jari Marja-Aho for winning an amazing 4 day golf holiday for him and three of his friends!

This is what our boys had to say:

Antti; I am always happy to go back to my home country, get to see my old friends, speak in Finnish and get to experience the energy during this exhibition – it’s tough work with long hours, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. See you all at Sand Valley and next years exhibition we will have few surprises 😉

Antti Pohjonen @ Go Expo 2019, Helsinki

Paul; This is my second time in Finland and I have to say I have never seen this kind of crowd anywhere during exhibitions – and I have done few. It’s also nice to see that Finnish people actually come to exhibitions to search for holidays as opposed to “window shopping” as is very often the case in other countries!

Marek; I started my journey in Sand Valley just short of two years ago and this was my very first experience during exhibitions abroad. Amazing people, long days, lot’s of new things to see and most importantly – more people coming to visit us in Poland.. and who knows, maybe to play a round of golf with me 🙂

Sand Valley’s team @ Go Expo 2019, Helsinki

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