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#savetourism change booking dates – corona virus epidemic

24 March 2020

Dear Golfers,

we will now take an early spring break from playing golf before we all come back and re-start the 2020 season.

Following on from the announcement made by the Polish Ministry of Health in relation to the #coronavirus epidemic, a temporary ban on all sporting activities is now in place in Poland. As a result, also Sand Valley will be now closed for a while.

Naturally, we will keep maintaining the course so that everything is in perfect shape when we open again.

We will update all of you as soon there is new information!

Dear Friends,

Like everyone else in the world, also our Team is struggling with the crippling effects of the #coronavirus. I think all of us are only slowly starting to understand how this historic crisis is not only affecting our health, but also our way of life. In Sand Valley there is almost 40 people in the Team and as of last week, all of our business activities have been suspended and the borders to Poland are closed – for now. Situation is less than optimum for golf tourism.

We all know that right now the most important thing is to #stayhome and #stayhealthy. And then later, the normal way of life will start to make its comeback. Our only comeback here in Sand Valley is that you fantastic people will still come and visit us. Our Team’s wish is a simple one ❤️ If you have booked an early spring trip, consider moving your trip to the end of the year instead of canceling it. Paul & Marek will help you like always!

This would mean a lot to us and it would give us hope that together we really can survive anything. Hope to see you soon and in the meantime – stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Antti Pohjonen CEO

Sand Valley Golf Resort Partners