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Is Sand Valley Europe’s Friendliest Golf Course?

5 May 2018

Is Sand Valley Europe’s Friendliest Golf Course?

This is what we’ve been hearing from our visitors from Scandinavia for some time now and I started to think why is it so? Pretty quickly I understood that it’s probably the “fourth pillar of a perfect golf holiday” – a mantra-like thing that I have been telling to my team and our visitors for years in an effort to explain how a Golf Resort should work and what are the most important things for our clients. I thought I would tell you about those four Pillar’s and especially about the last one – the one that I believe has earned us the nickname as the Friendliest Golf Course in Europe.

Firstly and foremostly it’s all about golf. Our course is a world class venue, currently ranked 82 in Continental Europe by Golf World and we thrive to maintain it so. It is challenging, but less so after the first round – in fact, you should never play Sand Valley only once, because the first round is just a warm-up for the fun that is just around the corner. Our course is also the reason for the fact that average visitor plays five rounds in Sand Valley and often comes back for more!

Secondly, it’s about the accommodation. Nothing quite compares to our onsite villas with private pool’s, saunas and the simple yet elegant Scandinavian design. It’s luxury without opulence and convenience just a few feet’s away from the clubhouse at the heart of Sand Valley GR. It also takes our visitors seriously – why give a second-rate shed, when you can provide a haven for late night interactions with family and friends.

Thirdly it’s about the food and wine. We start with the best local ingredients and organic, highest quality wines. Then we rigorously test them with our team, we fail, we try again and in the end, make sure that only the best possible products reach our customer’s table – in a price that reflects the amazing value for money that only Poland can offer.

Fourthly and as we have found out, maybe even most importantly it’s all about the service. This is the part where our Team takes the charge – headed by our amazing Happiness Concierge, Marcin Polec. It’s not about the kind of “tricks and fake smiles service” also, but the kind where you as a visitor feel truly welcome. It is this tireless effort of taking care of every need our visitors have that I believe separates Sand Valley from other places and it is our team’s hard work that I believe has earned us our nickname as the,

Europe’s Friendliest Golf Course!

– by Antti Pohjonen

Sand Valley Golf Resort Partners