BREAKING RECORDS 10-12.05.2019 - Sand Valley Golf Resort - Best in Poland - TOP 100 in Continental Europe
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BREAKING RECORDS 10-12.05.2019

10 May 2019

We have been inviting foreign golfers to Poland for years, met many new friends and learned countless things in the process ourselves. This weekend we will break new ground when more than 200 tourists got to enjoy their time @ Sand Valley. Here is what our guys had to say:


10 years ago when we started there was no concept of having large amounts of tourists playing golf in Poland. Yes, there were some, but not many. A long time ago I was joking with Paul about the situation where our problem would not be the fact that Sand Valley is empty, but the fact that we would not have tee times. As it turns out, that day has come and I have to say that I am so proud of the whole team doing such amazing work to make all this possible!


Poland is still in it’s infancy when it comes to golf. Being Irish has given me a different look on things and for me it all really clicked the first day I arrived to Sand Valley. I knew this place is something different and something that I want to be a part of. Now after all these years seeing Sand Valley having over 200 foreigners during one day really makes me proud of running the foreign market. ps. we are not full every day, so feel free to send me a mail


Paul and Antti always told me the history lesson of the days when there were no people in Sand Valley and granted, even when I started two years ago it wasn’t like it’s today. I came when things were already running pretty fine, but the amount of requests we are getting at the moment daily is something else. Today we had over 200 Scandinavians on the course that’s pretty Amazing – I really hope everyone gets to play this course – it’s my favourite!

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