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Golf & Cars 2019 – a record amount of 80 000 PLN for charity!

25 June 2019
This year event saw a nice turn out of both Polish and Foreign golfers together with invited guests and their exotic cars. Beginners took part in our golf academy and for many it was the first time see what golf really is about. The day saw a golf tournament in amazing weather and clubhouse was surrounded by not only exotic cars, but most importantly a big group of happy people. People had the chance to test drive AMG Performance Center cars from Mercedes, learn about car detailing from Clinic Car Spa, sample Italian wines from Wina Winieckich and see both beauty products for ladies from Alchimia DoctorB and highest the quality of craftsmanship that goes into wooden furniture by created
Like during the previous years, Szymon Ruta made sure a rally car can be used for charity to support the local children home in Marwica. This year’s money will be used to start renovating a new apartment for the children who are in the dire need of it when starting their independent life. Several items that were donated by the partners were auctioned together with rides in the WRC car piloted by Szymon. Even Helicopter rides were available and all the money was donated for charity.

..and what an amount it was.. a new record of more than 80 000 PLN was collected and emotions were understandably high – everyone who was there and got to experience it will know that something can not be explained without being there. These kind of days are important for everyone and it is our please as the Sand Valley Team to be part of supporting a good cause. Next year is just around the corner, so make sure you book it to your calendar!

We also want to thank one more time all the partners of this year’s event:

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